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Faculty Leadership and Mentoring Program
The NLN/Johnson & Johnson
2009-2010 Faculty Leadership and Mentoring Program

Seeks Fellows of the Academy of Nursing Education to Serve as Mentors

Each mentor will provide leadership and expertise to meet the needs and interests of a matched protégé. Over a 12-month period, protégés and mentors work on individual leadership development as well as on a group project to be presented at the 2010 NLN Education Summit.

The program runs from September 2009 through September 2010 and aims to:
  • Use mentoring as a method of enhancing leadership skills in the context of the role of teacher, scholar, clinician, and nursing education community member.
  • Facilitate leadership development through the mentoring process.
  • Develop a group project focusing on leadership in nursing education, which will be presented at the NLN's 2010 Education Summit

Responsibilities of Mentors
  • Guide and support a protégé in developing and implementing a focused action plan designed to develop selected leadership skills.
  • Work with a protégé to implement a focused action plan designed to develop leadership skills.
  • Attend a two-day intensive meeting in October 2009 with the project members and director to discuss the concept of leadership, begin work with a protégé, share potential action plans, and begin group project work.
  • Attend a leadership conference meeting in early 2010 and the NLN Education Summit in September 2010.
  • Participate in monthly group telephone conference calls, web-based e-communities, and one-on-one communication related to the project and as directed by the project director.
  • Maintain a written journal about the mentoring experience.
  • Engage in group work with other mentors and protégés to create an action plan focused on leadership in nursing education to be presented at the 2010 NLN Education Summit.

Benefits to Mentors
  • Satisfaction in mentoring an aspiring leader in nursing education
  • Relationship-building with a cohort of like-minded professionals in nursing education
  • Recognition as a mentor in the NLN/Johnson & Johnson Faculty Leadership and Mentoring Program
  • Attend three team meetings: New York City, October 2009; the NLN Leadership Conference in early 2010; and the NLN Education Summit in Las Vegas, September 2010
  • $1,000 stipend

To Be Considered for Selection as a Mentor

Submit a brief (one paragraph) description of your interests and expertise in nursing education and a current CV to mentoring@nln.org by August 12, 2009.

Mentors will be selected based on the degree of fit with the identified interests and leadership development needs of accepted protégé applicants.

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