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scholarship awards
NLN Foundation for Nursing Education
Scholarship Awards
Request for Applications

Proposal Deadline: May 13, 2015

The NLN Foundation Scholarship Awards Program supports the goal of attracting more seasoned and ethnically diverse nurses to become nurse educators.. These scholarships are awarded to nurses pursuing advanced degrees in preparation for a career as a full-time academic nurse educator. The funds are for master’s or doctoral students enrolled in accredited programs who have completed at least half of their academic program.

Candidates must be NLN members either through individual dues or through their schools’ NLN membership.

Proposals must be submitted electronically as ONE PDF DOCUMENT no later than 4:00 pm ET on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 to foundation@nln.org.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions document to determine eligibility and budget limits. NOTE: If you have questions related to the application process, please contact Sandra Deller via at nlnf@nln.org or Katie Michalek at foundation@nln.org.

Proposal Format
  1. The title page should include:
    1. Dates on which the academic program will begin and end
    2. Date of completion of degree
    3. Purpose for which the funding is needed
    4. Total amount of funding requested
  2. The body of the proposal must be double-spaced, using font size 12 and standard margins and may not exceed five pages.
  3. Appendices (these are not part of the five-page body of the proposal) should include the following:
    1. Budget (please use tables or columns, not narrative) including:
      Funds being requested from the NLN
      In-kind contributions
      Other funds received to support the project
    2. Budget rationale
    3. Demographic Data Form and Biosketch Form
    4. Two letters of support from program faculty familiar with your work

Click here to download the 2015 Scholarship Demographic Data and Biosketch Forms.

Things to Remember

  1. Overall content and appearance
    1. The appearance of the proposal and supporting documents should reflect planning and vision. Neatness and visual presentation are important in conveying ideas clearly and without distraction.
    2. Clarity and jargon-free writing are important.
  2. Scholarship
    1. Overall quality of scholarship must be demonstrated in each step of the grant application through:
      Clarity of purpose (i.e., is the proposal written clearly and coherently?)
      Significance of this support to the applicant
      Ability of the applicant to successfully complete the program
    2. Relevance and priorities
      The request should clearly relate to NLN Foundation scholarship priorities
  3. Budget and budget rationale
    1. Be sure that each line item on the budget is clearly justified.

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